Vaagai Foundation Donates Egg Incubatore to Coimbatore Corporation Zoo – The Indian Express News


Vaagai Foundation Donates Egg Incubatore to Coimbatore Corporation Zoo – The Hindu News

Coimbatore Corporation Zoo gets incubator The Coimbatore Corporation Zoo armed itself with an incubator, thanks to the Vaagai Foundation. The organisation presented the incubator to the Zoo at a function held here on Tuesday. Mayor S.M. Velusamy in the presence of Commissioner G. Latha placed eggs in the incubator to mark the start of the ...

A talk on Western Ghats at Yuvabharathi Public School in Coimbatore

A talk on Western Ghats by Vaagai Foundation Chairman Sanjai Gandhi at Yuvabharathi Public School in Coimbatore on 14.12.2012.

Sponsor the Nests

Hi.. Hope you all know that Vaagai Foundation distributing the bamboo nests for free of costs. Initially we had started this service in and around Coimbatore city. But nowadays we have receiving the requests from all over India.  We send the nests through parcel services. If you like to do this service, you too can ...

A home for the birds by Vaagai Foundation 1

Vaagai Foundation distributes bamboo nests around the city to bring back birds that have been dwindling in numbers The house sparrows that once chirruped around in large numbers are now spotted rarely. “Blame it on high-rise buildings, lack of greenery, and radiation from the increasing number of cell phone towers. Development has shooed the little ...

Help Coimbatore – an initiative by Vaagai foundation

Help Coimbatore is an initiative by Vaagai foundation ( NGO ). Lets help the People who need others help in and around Coimbatore. Vaagai Foundation will verify the beneficiaries and help them to get the support from others.   For more, Please visit our Facebook page.   Help Coimbatore :  

Artificial Bird nests – Malaimurasu 18.10.2012

Artificial Bird nests at Coimbatore corporation zoo

We, Vaagai Foundation have donated some Artificial Bird Nests for Love Birds at Corporation Zoo in Coimbatore. Dr. Asokan, Director of the Zoo received the nests and placed them for the use of Love birds. After seeing the result, we are going to donate few more nests to the use of love birds and other ...

Educational Loan to Students

Vaagai Foundation is ready to help the Students in and around Coimbatore to get the Educational Loan.. Please contact us : Sanjai Gandhi :+91 98428 77208, S.R. Azhagappan : +91 98426 63008 கோவையை சேர்ந்த மாணவர்கள் கல்விக் கடன் பெற வாகை ஃபவுண்டேஷன் உதவி செய்ய தயாராக இருக்கிறது.. தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்.. Facebook :